The Self-Sacrificing Masochist


If you are lazy, you'd want to meet the masochist. These people make ideal servants and even better slaves if it were legal. They tend to put themselves last and everyone else ahead. They are wont to "lay themselves out as doormats" under everyone's feet--especially people with recognizable high economic, social and/or political status.

These self-sacrificing masochistic people are often self-depricating , and seem to think little of themselves. They often find fulfillment in being treated badly. This is not to say they want to be physically tortured. But reasonably physically painless bullying is fine with them.


Some of these people have suffered some sort of physical or mental abuse or both. They begin to take on a self-awareness inflicted upon them by their abusers. In other words, they believe of themselves what they have been taught to believe--through abuse. This is sometimes referred to as "abuse syndrome."

The masochistic personality is sometimes full of anger which they are too fearful to express openly. He or she therefore turn that anger in on him/herself often resulting in behaviors which ultimately cause sadness.

Machochists might not realize how sad they are, or maybe they do. But it doesn't matter, you see! Not to them.

Masochistic people are depressed and are sometimes prone to anxiety disorder. In a sense, being "stepped" on is a way that these people keep their living conditions under control. In this sense, their masochistic behaviors become anxiety riturals which bind their fear. So long as they don't speak up for themselves, so long as they serve others, and generally keep a low, subservient profile, they believe they will not be snuffed out like the roaches they have been taught to believe they are.

In some cases, these people get a false sense of self-pride by
catering to the whims of others who are socially viewed as "impressive," and/or of those who have commanding, intimidating personalities.

With any luck, these masochists will wake up some day, (perhaps with the help of counseling and medication ) and develop a more positive self-focus.

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