The Professional Personality

This personality is the professional professional. He/She acts like the professional professional. He/She talks like the professional professional. He/she writes like the professional professional. The result is that few people other than those who share his/her profession know what he/she is talking about. He/she PURPOSELY uses technical words in the most complicated way possible so that that lay people will not understand any or at least most of it. He/She writes with these words, and uses concepts that lay people do not understand. While it is fine to do this while talking to others in your profession, it is NOT okay to make what you are saying INCOMPREHENSIBLE to the general public if you are talking to one of them;which is what the Professional Professional likes to do-- often. On some emotional level, these professional professionals actually expect the average person not to understand, which gives them elitist gratification, and a sense of being intellectully superior.

The professional professional is found in many professions, but especially in the computer industry. In this essay, though, the professional professional is a doctor ( a neurologist) who is writing a book, and presenting the first chapter of that book. He intends to sell the book to the general public who would not understand anything he is talking about. In fact, the whole tract is nonsense, and therefore, even other neurologists will not understand it. Because this is an exaggeration of the personality type, the passage was deliberately written this way.

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