The Conventional Personality

Psychological insecurity presents itself in a variety of forms. Another such
interesting behavioral pattern is the need to follow conventional modes,mores and trends. For this person eccentricities of any kind are abhorrent and often frightening. Sometimes a bit of narcissism is involved with its own twist:
"I had better follow the "rules" or people will be looking at me strangely!"

As though other people have nothing else on their minds except what you are doing, saying, wearing, living!!!!!

And so, this type of personality is concerned with whether long hair or short hair is fashionable, nowadays; what sort of jewelry is current; what customs are followed as a rule; what's popular, what's not....etc.

There is a song by Harry Chapin called


This brilliant and beautiful, yet tragic song speaks about the pressures put on people to march to the same drummer.

Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to live conventionally, it could be confining taken to extremes. And it leads to intolerance of others who do not choose to live according to what society seems to dictate as " what's done" at the time.

It should be added here that conventional wisdom about behavior regarding honesty and decency should always be followed. This section does NOT relate to conventional dictates regarding behaviors involving one's basic humane character, but rather to tastes in living styles.

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