A Lecture on a Lecture

(Any similarity to any supervisor you have or know or know of is totally coincidental)


The Queendom of Dzitzel , of course has a school
Where staff members always must follow this rule:

"The bosses are leaders, all others are jerks.
It's the way the school functions, the way that it works??? "

This LECTURE ON LECTURES is written in rhyme
No need for more verses , not now, at this time.


Sir Bill Supervisor arose from his throne,
His lecture was coming, the topic unknown.

The faculty sat, they were anxiously waitin'
To find out the wisdom Sir Bill was creatin'???

He stood on his toes with the loftiest air,
His underlings noticed his arrogant stare.

Adjusting his glasses to sit on his nose,
Sir Bill gave a signal, the faculty rose.

He waited a moment, and signaled once more,
Looked up to the ceiling and down to the floor.

The staff understood, it's a signal they knew.
SIT DOWN IN YOUR SEATS... it was what they must do.

In the midst of the silence, HE started to speak.
(Although he spoke loudly, his meaning was weak.)


"I want to inform you , a lecture is best,
When teaching... keep talkin... non-stop... without rest."

"No questions from students, no answers to give,
Just filter the data, as if through a sieve."

Sir Bill Supervisor went on with his speech,
Describing the way in which teachers should teach.

Sir Bill kept on speaking, continued still more.
(This lecture on lectures was really a bore.)

He spoke for some hours repeating his words.
(His message, quite frankly, was 'just for the birds.')

He kept right on going, with no end in sight.
This LECTURE ON LECTURES continued 'till night.

And just as the lecture wound down to a close.
A hand was uplifted, the faculty froze.

"Sir Bill,may I ask" said a babbling voice.
"Can lectures include any sort of a choice.?"
"Our hands--keep them still? can we move them about?"
" And what of our voices? speak softly or shout?"

"May we sit when we lecture? is it best if we stand?
Can you give us a hint as to what you command?

Sir Bill Supervisor just silently stared,
At Tipsy the faculty spokesman who dared.

The staff members realized, they certainly knew,
To ask any questions was strictly taboo.

What Tipsy had done it was ever so rude.
Subservient people should never intrude.

Sir Bill Supervisor was silent no more,
As he stood on his toes on the hard wooden floor:

" This LECTURE ON LECTURES", ( HIS tone really HISSED,)





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