The Pessimistic Self-Pitier


This personality is a big believer in Murphy's Law. While some people think a glass is half full (optimist), the pessimist thinks it is half-empty. In more extreme cases, this personality thinks there is a hole in the glass and the water is dripping out over the nice, new ,expensive carpet. In the most extreme cases, this personality believes that there was never any water there to begin with, nor shall there ever be any because of the liklihood of an oncoming drought.

Or, another senario is that the glass is not half full, but totally full and spilling over; so full that the glass is about to shatter into tiny pieces any second now, and scatter all over the floor, which this pessimist will step on, barefooted , of course, get cuts which will then get infected causing..........
This is the person who lives in anticipation of the "perfect storm."

While one would think that it is normal for people to get fulfillment from joyful experiences ,this personality gets an odd fulfillment out of miserable happenings. At the bottom of this syndrome is probably depression. Looking for the worst in everything, and pitying oneself as a consequence ( aka bemoaning one's fate) gives support and justification for the depression which is within that person's mind anyway.

In addition, self-pity is a form of attention that one gives to oneself if needed attention seems to be insufficient, or overly lacking from others.

There are some people who have good reason for self-pity.
Trouble comes to all folks, to some more than others. The problem with this personality is that he or she looks for misfortune. And sometimes, while waiting for it, he or she makes it happen, or at least, helps it along. If the root cause of the problem is indeed depression, then there is help out there. But these people sometimes fear that getting help will disrupt their wallowing and thus take away the only attention they think they have.

I actually hesitated putting Splinter's description and story in since it is quite sad. But, hopefully, if it can bring enlightenment and possibly humor to a person who fits the description, then perhaps it will be helpful afterall. I have to admit, I have had the Splinter personality (Suzie-Jean speaking) and have been trying to overcome it.

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