The Babbling Tumler

This is actually a combination of two personalities, but the two go together.

The babbling personality is the non-stop talker. Since this profile, like the others, are exaggerated, non-stop is overstating it--but just a bit. This personality talks a very great deal, and often at a rapid pace. It is hard for this personality not to talk--on and on and on. In some cases, this personality gives a good deal of detail, not necessarily of any significance and importance. The listener might fidget, waiting for the babbler to get to the point.

A tumler (sometimes pronounced ' TUMELER' is a Yiddish word which describes a person who is a noise-maker; one who likes to stir up conflict; an agitator. Imagine a juggler who has plates spinning on a series of sticks. The juggler must keep the plates spinning,running from one to the other. That is what a tumler is like. A tumler is capable of making what we can call the tumleree (person being agitated) want to hit his or her head against a wall or tear hair out of his /her head in big bunches. Sometimes his /her methods are very subtle--sometimes outlandish.

If the tumler is not sadistic, he/she might be selective of his/her targets, using these talents against people who have, in some destructive way, earned the treatment. The tumler ,therefore, can make hell for people who deserve it and is good at it. The tumler might otherwise be very pleasant and non-aggressive with people who are not offensive themselves.

In the extreme case,however, the tumler might get enjoyment out of stirring just about everyone up, and be totally obnoxious.

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