A Star Workaholic

(Any similarity of any person you know or know of to Tobassco BoothThrush is purely coincidental)

Tobassco is working, from morning to morning,
He makes sure to follow his grandmother's warning,

"Work harder than hard at whatever you do,
Or your nose will come off, and your life will be through."

Did grandmama really really mean "work harder than hard?" Tobassco thinks so, and so he follows through. He is terribly afraid of Queen and always tries to please her.

Of course, we all know that this is impossible.


His days usually include the following tasks.

(Correction: His days ALWAYS include the following tasks. It never varies, except if he makes task additions)


1) Cut the grass on Queen's lawn. Three times, to make sure each blade of grass is more even than less.

2) Polish the rocks surrounding the garden with Heliantroiastichasm Super Fine Shine Floor Polish(Five times, to make sure the rocks glow more brightly than the day before.)

3) Water the plants.

4) Check and recheck Queens multi-records of her gold coin collection (tax money) that comes in daily.

5)Count her wine bottles to make sure they are all still there, and records (in a special ledger,) the incoming shipments). Also, figure out whether to report anything missing. if indeed anything is missing, at the detriment of whoever was in charge of the wine that day-- and if there is, pray that Queen doesn't check herself. If she does and finds any discrepancy in his reports and what she finds bodes dire for Tobassco: OFF WITH HIS NOSE!.
Hmm...maybe he should not report the missing bottles, if there are any .

6) Polish the floors in the throne room ( see #2 above )

7) Paint the walls in the throne room to the color of the day.

8) Check the sign-in book at the 3 Dzitzel Qurches (place where the Dzitelese pray) to make sure that all citizens of Dzitzel have signed the book signifying daily prayer--for Queens good fortune

Just a few more odds and ends before BREAKFAST...

(which he swallows as he gallops to his next chore)

Although his afternoons, evenings, and nights are jammed packed with even more tasks than his mornings, he devotes his spare time to warning those Dzitzelins whose names did not appear in the Qurch registry to get to Qurch and sign-in. One never knows when Queen comes to check the books herself! Any discrepancy in Tobassco's reports and what she finds bodes dire for Tobassco: OFF WITH HIS NOSE!

Some of the citizens of Dzitzel have offered to give Tobassco some of the hours in their days so that he can expand his own and do even more. Maybe he can do some of their work! That would be nice!

The sun begins shining, it's just about dawn
Tobassco's out working, he's cutting the lawn.

Of course, he'll keep going, past sunset, until,
Again the sun rises, behind DZITZEL HILL.


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