Professor Fester Lebreeze


Have any of you met up with this personality?

Well, perhaps not exactly, because Prof.Lebreeze , like all the other Dzitalese profiled in The Queendom of Dzitzel, is an exaggeration. Or is he????

Professor Lebreeze is a scholar. No one questions that.

However, when it comes to common sense, this individual is fast asleep. We often assume that because someone has advanced degrees than he or she is wise. NOT TRUE! In fact, some of these scholars are rather distanced from ordinary, non-scholarly life. Some of them might even become unreasonable in their demands. Sometimes these people are difficult to understand.


The term "absent-minded professor" is an expression often used.

Is every scholar like that? NO! But some are, and that personality is profiled here.


Story of Professor LeBreeze