The Noble Hysteria:

(Any similarity of any person you know or know of to RGD Hyenais purely coincidental)

Hyena is angry, she's screaming a lot,
She sometimes has reason, more often, does not.

She searches for chances to vent out her rage,
Like man-eating lions confined to a cage.

Each day, with her cobra she's walking outside,
WATCH OUT! She's comin', you'd better go hide.



Queens' sister ,the Grand Duchess Hyena thinks that being disgruntled and angry is natural and that anyone who is not disgruntled and angry is a phony. Therefore, the Grand Duchess Hyena satisfies herself by trying to be more disgruntled and angry than she was yesterday , or even 5 minutes ago. She is usually successful.


The Grand Dutchess Hyena likes to yell. When she travels, she plans her itinerary carefully to include what she considers to be the top, grandest, most unpleasant, most uncomfortable places she can find. Considering her unpleasantness, this is just about everywhere, but some places fit her requirements better than others. She even tries to meet the top, grandest , most unpleasant people and other sorts of beings who are--at the very least-- almost as contentious as she.The Grand Duchess Hyena is sometimes successful in that endeavor. When she is not successful, she will be even more angry. She will then vent on whoever is present in her presence.

Before deciding on a trip destination, she consults travel ads, posted especially for her, in the Dzitzel national newspaper, (called the Dzitzel Dribble) ,to find out where the latest war has broken out , and off she goes.


So, if you decide to stroll or jog or whatever around Queen's garden ,especially in the afternoon when the Grand Dutchess Hyena is usually taking her pet cobra for a walk, be prepared! She's about to explode any minute now!


Now why is she angry, each morn, noon and night?
Dispensing opinions all bound to incite?

I really can't tell you, I wish that I could,
However, be sure it is well- understood--

Hyena is ready, and willing to yell.
In screaming and fighting she'll always excel.


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