(Any similarity of any person you know to King Higbow is purely coincidental)

The Queendom of Dzitzel for sure has a king
If anyone meets him, his praises they'll sing.

But one smallish problem, he's nowhere around.
He's hiding away, in a bush on the ground.

Or else he is somewhere, behind a big stone.
He's far out of sight, he is sitting alone.


King Highbrow ?. Horatio is a very good spirited, compassionate individual.

However,the King is very shy.
That is why very few people know how good-hearted
he is.


You might wonder how King could marry someone like Queen Hearbeat.

That is a very good question.

If you find out the answer, please let me know.

Like most other people in Dzitzel,
King Highbrow ?. is afraid of Queen.

Because of Queen, King is forced to hide his compassionate nature. In fact, because of Queen, King is forced to hide his good spirit. In fact, because of Queen, King forced to hide himself.

That is why, unfortunately, very few beings know what King really looks like. Sometimes he does stick his head over a bush, or over a stone, but disappears if he sees someone seeing him.

So if you really, really want to know what King actually looks like--- wait for him to stick his head up from behind a bush or a stone and then DON'T LOOK.


It's really a pity, and rather a shame,
The Queen, not the King,is the one with great fame.

Her nature is awful, she's cruel as could be.
Her husband is timid, a reticent he.

I know why he's hiding behind a big bush.
With nothing to do but eat rastrawy mush.

The Queen is the reason, he's probably right,
To lie in the shadows from morning, through night.

If Queen stays in charge, then there's something to know,
There isn't a safe place for Highbrow ? to go.



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