(Any similarity of any person you know or know of to Wilamena Wandais purely coincidental)


Wanda is waiting, she's very wise too.
She often hides out, it's the right thing to do.
She’s blessed with a very intelligent brain.
    On her face sits a nose, where it’s sure to   remain.


Countess Wilamena Wanda, cousin of Queen Heartbeat, holds the position at Court as Lady in Waiting.  It isn’t quite clear what that is, and what Wanda Wilamena is waiting for; but then, very little is quite clear in the Queendom of Dzizel.

Countess  Wilamena Wanda is a wise woman. She knows what’s what. She knows what to do, and what not to do—which is more than anyone else knows in the Queendom of Dzitzel. 

What Countess Wilamena Wanda knows best of all is when to be out of the sight of Queen which is almost all the time, and when to be in sight which is on rare occasions.  She’s got common sense, and lots of it. Countess Wanda Wilamena is practical. She knows that what is best for her is not necessarily what she would otherwise like to do.

For instance, she knows that when Queen Heartbeat is knitting, it is best to be out of sight. (Unfortunately, Queen is knitting a good deal of the time.) Knowing that Queen Heartbeat’s memory is faulty, being out of sight will not remind the Queen that Countess   Wilamena Wanda is there, because, of course, she is not.  Countess Wanda Wilamena figured that out a long time ago. 

This means that Countess Wanda Wilamena is wary. It means that Countess Wilamena Wanda is watching—all the time.

Countess Wilamena Wanda is wise enough to be patient.

She is a wise, wary, waiting, watcher.

You might wonder why Wilamena Wanda is sometimes Wanda Wilamena.

Can't you guess?

On the rare occasions that Queen Heartbeat sees Wanda Wilamena, aka Wilamena Wanda, Queen switches Wilamena Wanda's name around. Wilamena Wanda, aka Wanda Wilamena has learned to go with the flow....... whatever gladdens Queens will, etc. WISE MOVE!

That is why Countess  Wilamena Wanda has the unique honor of being the most likely person in Dzitzel to retain her nose.


The Countess is cautious, she'll rately have woes
What's happenin' 'round her is something she knows
She's always aware and she'll stay on her toes,
And that's why she'll always, hold on to her nose.

.....Well, most likely anyway!


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