A 'G' Poem


Gary Gorden had a goat
Whose name was Gabby-Gas
This goat would go to the garden gate,
To eat the greenest grass.

Gary  Gorden’s mother , Gail
And Gary Gorden’s dad.
They didn't like this, not at all,
It really made them mad.

Well one day Gary Gorden’s dad,
And Gary’s mother too,
Took Gabby –Gas  to grandpa’s farm,
A happy thing to do.

‘cause Grandpa’s farm has lots of grass,
For Gabby-Gas to eat.
And that is why at the garden gate
The grass is nice and neat.

And Gary Gorden, every week,
Would visit Gabby-Gas.
He'd sit with Gabby in the field
And watch her eat the grass.


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