A 'K' poem


On Sunday night I had a dream,
About a kangaroo.
I kissed the mother kangaroo ,
I kissed the joey too.

The Joey is the baby who is
Kept in mother’s pouch.
Well, Joey accidentally kicked
And mama shouted “ouch.”

Then Joey kangaroo felt bad,
And kissed his mother’s belly.
“Oh mama,Joey said to her,
Your belly’s soft as jelly.”

Then mama kangaroo just smiled,
She really is so kind.
Who always will forgive, and say,
“Oh Joey, nevermind.”


I woke up from my silly dream,
And looked at mom and dad.
“I want to see  a kangaroo,
She lives in the zoo,” I said.

My name is Kelly Kenneth,and
We went off to the zoo.
I saw a mother kangaroo,
I saw her Joey too.

We visited the kangaroos,
They're so much fun to see,
Do you think I kissed them? Not at all,
No kisses came from me.



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