'M' poem


“Molly will you marry me?”

“ I'm sorry Max, we're only 3--

“Then, Molly, will you play with me?
You might like doing that at three!."

“My goodness, Max, I'd like to play,
I’ll ask my mommy if we may.
Then later when our age is four,
Most happily we'll play some more.




'M' Poem

Mirium Martin made a mess,
On Monday afternoon.
Her mother, Mrs. Martin, yelled...
"you clean it up, and soon."

But Mirium Martin told her mom,
"There's not much time today.
My friend Melissa's coming and,
We're going out to play.

"No,No,No, her mother said,
You clean that messy pile.
Melissa might agree to help,
And then you’ll play awhile.”



'M' Poem

Melvin munched his breakfast meal
A muffin , milk and cereal.

He said,
“ My meal’s not big enough,
I need much more of breakfast stuff."

His mother marched to the  market store,
She bought him many muffins more.

OH, thank you, mommy, Melvin said,
And may I have a slice of bread?

“I think you ‘ve had too much,” Mom said,
With muffins,  and a slice of bread.
Just after eating cereal,
It’s far too much for any meal.

While munching foods just right for you,
It’s also, very, very true.

You must not eat and eat until,
Your tummy’s making you feel ill.

All people have to realize,
Their meals must be a proper size.



'M' Poem


On Monday morning I went with Mom,
To see a museum in the city.
But when we arrived, the door was locked,
The museum was closed---what a pity.


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