I saw a pig prance down a path,
I  asked him  where  he planned to go,
He pointed to the park and said,
“A pig parade,  perhaps  you  know?”


“Oh no, I said, “I didn’t know,
A pig parade takes place today.
Can people also join the fun?
And this is what I heard him say..."


Oh people aren’t packs of pigs
And so they musn't march with us.
But watching the parade is fun,
So please  don’t pout and make a   fuss.





We’ll pick a nice plump pumpkin,
It’s what we plan to do.
We’ll pick it in the pumpkin patch,
Such fun for me and you.

We’ll pick a nice plump pumpkin.
It won’t be big, or small.
We’ll pick a pumpkin middle size,
Most perfect one of all





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