Bitsey Bibbly Elephant was hungry one fine day.
His Mama Bibbly Elephant came carrying a tray.
She gave her child apple pie, the best that she could find.
It tasted yummy, that's for sure, a juicy chunky kind

Then Bitsy Bibbly Elephant screamed, "Mama I want more."
And Mama Bibbly Elephant went rushing to the store.
Alas, the pies were all sold out, so Mama left the place.
She went to tell her Bibbly son; the tears rolled down his face.

Then Bitsy Bibbly yelled real loud: "I do so want to have it."
And Mama Bibbly Elephant said, "Sorry, couldn't get it."
But Bitsy carried on until his Mama couldn't take it.
She turned around and left the room, attempting to forget it.

Oh how that Bitsy Bibly cried, his eyes were getting red.
When suddenly he stopped the tears and cheerfully he said:
"My Mama couldn't help it, but I know she sure did try.
Perhaps tomorrow, she'll go out and buy more apple pie."

And Bitsey Bibbly Elephant,decided that's enough.
He had a lot of toys and games, such entertaining stuff.
So Bitsy Bibbly Elephant sat down upon the floor.
He played with all his many things, NO CRYING ANYMORE.