Before I became involved in writing stories and songs, I concentrated on miniatures and dolls. There came a time when I was feeling in the dumps and did not want to create anything anymore. My daughter saw this and said, " I know what I want for my birthday... I want you to make me a doll."

What could I do... I had to grant her a wish.

So I made Emma Plotzbugle. Emma is an elderly lady who spent her life devoted to others, especially people in her family. Now she decided to do something for herself. She went back to school to get a college degree. She started by taking three courses: Greek language, Historical Geography and English Literature.

It wasn't easy for Emma. And though she was sweating through it, she was determined to succeed.


Emma is studying her Greek lesson. It isn't easy for her but she made up her mind to do well in the course.

I asked my husband to go to the language department of his school and xerox a page from a Greek textbook. I then
xeroxed it smaller to fit the scale.


I xeroxed some maps from an Atlas and minimized them as well.


The book is a history, with actual text.


Emma isn't angry, nor is she sad, though some might think her expression indicates that. She is struggling...see her sweating?

But she has a goal, and she is determined to do well.







These mini-books actually have authentic text. They are smaller than the size of an American quarter.




When working on this doll, I had to locate miniatures.I searched online for a pencil...and I couldn't find one that fit the scale properly.


So...finally... I took a cocktail toothpick and cut it in half. The end of the toothpick is already pointed. I painted the tip beige/brown, and then the point black. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a way to do the eraser.


The best way to illustrate the size/scale is to put another real-life object near the mini.


Notice the size of my eye glasses and the pen.