Hans was sent to the village by his mother to sell some honey.
She told him not to say too he just announced "Buy
the honey." He refused to tell anyone the cost, and so no one
bought any honey.

On the way home he offered to sell the honey to some flies. He
poured the honey on the ground and told the flies that he would
get the payment from them later on. A week later he went to collect
the money from the flies. Of course, he got no payment.

Hans went to the judge to complain that the flies did not pay him
for the honey. The judge knew this was silly. He laughed to himself when he advised Hans to swat any fly he saw as a punishment for not paying for the honey. It was a joke.

Then a fly landed on the judge's nose. What did Hans do???
Yes, he hit the fly on the judge's nose. The judge thought that
if Hans continued to do this, someone could get hurt. So he said..
don't swat the flies anymore. Then the judge asked how much
the flies were supposed to pay for the honey. This time, Hans told
him. The judge took his own money and paid Hans for the honey.

Although Hans was very foolish, it turned out well for him. Perhaps
it was foolish of the judge to play a joke on Hans!



A boy complained to a judge that he was being annoyed by flies.
The judge told the boy to swat the flies. A fly landed on the judge's
nose. The boy swatted the fly , killing the fly but also smashed the judge's nose. Who was the foolish one in this tale?