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Children love to play with felt board. This game/activity uses felt to make facial features which children can put on faces (also made of felt).


Materials needed:

Felt in colors appropriate for skin color, eyes, lips

Felt or fabric to make the tops of shirts

yarn for hair

flat board attached to a felt board





Use felt to cut out the shape of a head. Sew to a board that is
covered with fabric.

Sew yarn on the top of the head to make hair.

Use black or brown felt to make a nose, or use magic marker.

Use fabric or felt to make the top of a shirt.

Making the facial features

Use felt to make sets of eyes, mouthes, lips in different shapes. Use glue to paste eyeballs on to white surface.

Take a piece of cardboard and cover it with felt.
Place the features on the felt-covered cardboard. (or, keep
the features in a box that has dividers. (You will have to be
creative and organized to figure out a way of keeping these
facial features organized. They can get lost quickly.)

These are just samples of features. There is, of course, no limit to the number of eyes and mouthes you could make.




This is a social and emotional education game. You can make
up a situation and ask the player how the child would feel in that situation ( good, bad, happy, sad etc.). Have the child use the
felt facial pieces to make the child look that way.

You could have little stories already printed on cards--

Or, the player can take turns just making faces, and describing
how the child feels.

In this situation, the boy is watching the girl who looks rather





The faces could reflect many ethnic and racial groups



(Don't be surprised if the face has three eyes,
a mouth on the forehead etc. Children find that funny.)


NOTE: As an extended activity, the child (or children collaborating) could write a story based on the faces. If the child is too young to write the story, he or she could dictate a story which an adult could write down.