for ages 4 to adult

HIDE THE POOGIES is a memory game which can be played on many different difficulty levels.


a) poogies board

b) from 2 to 5 different colored poogies (two of each color)
.....which equals 4 to 10 poogies total. (More sets can be..... .....used to increase the difficulty level. )

c) a bar that covers the top row.

d) collection cannisters

e) supply of paper coins or pennies

How to play:

Decide how many rounds to play.

Place 3 or 4 or 5 poogies of different colors in the top row.

After examining the sequence pattern, cover the top row with a covering bar (this can be made out of cardboard, cardboard covered with fabric, from paper etc.)

Take the duplicate colors and place in the second row in the same order.

Uncover the bar to see whether the sequence is correct.


If it is correct, two coins can be put into one or two of the cannisters. If the result is incorrect, the player can then cover the first row with the bar and make the correction. If the result is now correct, the player can put 1 coin in one of the cannisters. (note: the player has a choice of which cannister to use. If the player has two coins to put in the cannister he or she can split the coins, or put into only one)


In round two, switch the colors. Repeat the game.
Play until all the rounds are completed. (note: the number of rounds was decided at the beginning of the game.)