Materials Needed:

a)Poogie board

b) 24 poogies... 4 of the same color. For example:4 yellow, 4 green,
4 purple, 4 red, 4 brown, 4 pink

c) 3 plastic containers with cover (click for instructions about making poogies and other materials needed for these games. )

Place the poogies, with the back of the poogies showing. (These should have one color and look the same. The front side of the poogie should have a solid color with a black rim.). Put one in each of box except the middle box. That should have a multi-color poogie, or be left open.

Each player takes a turn. Turn over two poogies, trying to find a match.

If you find a match, remove the two poogies and put them in one of the three containers.


The game ends when all of the poogies are removed from the playing board except the middle poogie.(See above, multi-colored disk)

Count how many poogies are in each container.