Materials needed:

1)five different colored poogies (5 of each)
(NOTE: the game can be played over again with different colors)
2) poogies board
3) picking box

Line up five different colors vertically in the center of the poogies board.


Put the other 20 poogies (four of each color) in the
picking box.


The player (or if more than one child is playing, each child takes a turn), picks a poogie out of the picking box. Ask the player whether he or she wants to put it to the left or to the right.(player decides). The player must say "left"or "right."

The player then puts the poogie to the right or left of the one in the center.


Goal of the game: to see which color line is finished first.


The game is played the same way but with the five colors lined up horizontally.