In this game, there are light and dark shades of poogies to be matched.

Materials Needed:

1. poogies board

2. five each of dark shades and light shades of various colors of poogies.

for example: dark blue, light blue

How to play the game:

1. Choose two colors and lighter shades of those colors.....
.....five of each.

2. Place the darker shades in the top row and the third row.


3. Place the lighter shades of those colors in the picking box.

4. Choose one at a time. The player puts the lighter shade under the darker shade.

5. When the rows are complete, choose different colored poogies and lighter versions. Place ALL of them in the picking box.

6. Choose one at a time. Replace the darker ones and
lighter ones. For example: if you choose dark blue and light blue, and dark pink and light pink, put all of those in the picking box. Choose one at a time and replace for the ones still in the board.

7. To make the game more challenging, have cards which
read, for example "Spot 3" or "spot 5".

Spot 3

NOTE: There is no need to specify the row on the card, because
there is only one row where the specific color could go.

The first dark color would be in the top row.
The lighter shade of that color would be in the 2nd row.
The second dark color would be in the 3rd row.
The lighter shade of that color would be in the 4th row.