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This game requires spelling skills and speed. The object of the game is to spell out a word corresponding to a topic more quickly than the other person playing. The player to spell out the word first is the winner of that round. Each tile has a number which indicates how many points that person gets.

Another option is to play this game as an exercise without time limits or points or any competition at all.(Please see NOTE...at the bottom)This may be preferable if the children are sensitive about winning and losing. (I personally think it is best to eliminate the winning and losing factor in most games. I am presenting both options.)


spelling, quick thinking, math/addition

Materials Needed:

1. one or two Scrabble games ( or, make your own tiles)
2. paper and pencil
3. Cards, each one with a different category




(You could make your own tiles with small squares
of paper using card stock paper)


Arrangement of cards


The topic cards can be made out of index cards and left white on the back.
Or, you could get wrapping paper with designs to paste on the back to make it more attractive. Be sure to have the designs look exactly the same


The cards can be positioned in one or more stacks or put down individually if there is enough room.

How to play the game:

1. Place the tiles on a flat surface with the letters facing up. Place the category cards in a pile with the letters facing down.
2. Pick a category... in the sample above "farm animals.
3.Each person has a turn saying the word "go."
4. After the word "go" is said, the players hunt for the tiles to spell out a word corresponding to the category.
5. When a person spells out the word , in the case above "pig," in the case below "spelling" he or she says "STOP."


6.The points of each tile in the word are added and the score points listed on the scoring sheet.
7. The game ends when all the category cards are used up. (alternative: game is given a specific time for playing.. for example 15 minutes.)

NOTE:The materials can be used as a simple exercise without playing the game. A child simply picks a card picking a card and slowly find the tiles to spell the word. If more than one child is doing the exercise, they can take turns picking the card and choosing the word to spell. Each of them can work together to find the tiles.

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