Wishing You Luck, Poogies

This Poogies game is difficult because of the way we tend to see things.

We tend to look at the whole rather than in detail.

In this game, the poogies are a combination of three colors in mixed patterns.
Because the colors are the same, our minds blend them, and often do not
see the difference between them unless we look very closely. This game, therefore, develops the skill of seeing details.


Materials needed:

1) Three colors of yarn, to make five poogies each of five different poogies
sequence patterns. For example,if red, yellow, and blue are the three colors chosenmake poogies as follows:

5 of the patter blue (center) yellow (middle) red( outer rim)
5 of the pattern blue (center) red (center) yellow (outer rim)
5 of the pattern red(center) yellow (middle) blue (outer rim)
5 of the pattern red (center) blue (middle) yellow (outer rim)
5 of the pattern yellow (center) red (middle) blue (outer rim)

Since the poogies board only has 25 spaces, there is no need to
make the patter blue, yellow red.

2) Poogies board
3) Picking box
4) cards with numbers as indicated in the game directions


Version 1

Put the five different patterned poogies in the top row.
Take one poogie out of the picking box, and place it
under the one that matches.



Continue playing until the playing board is completely filled.

Version 2

Remove the poogies from horizontal rows 3,4, 5, leaving just horizontal rows 1 and 2.

One player closes his or her eyes while another player switches 2 poogies so that the vertical order is now incorrect.



This activity becomes increasingly difficult when more switches are made, and more rows used.


If you have 5 of each pattern, the whole board can be used. Then the activity could become even more difficult.



Which poogies are out of order in the next picture?


If all of the poogies in rows 2 through 5 were mixed up, and you needed to match them to row 1, you would find it very challenging.


Checking your challenge


A good way to check to see if you are correct is by looking at the fabric
sewn on the reverse side. You can only do this if each design has the same pattern.


The same games can be played with the fabric side of the poogies.