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Making Poogie Disks
and other materials used in the gams

There are several materials needed to play the games. Most importantly there are the poogies. Poogies are round disks with a 2 inch diameter.


a) They can be made using spool knit craft.


Click for a spool knit tutorial


Makespool knit tube about 10 inches long. Sew in the circular pattern as seen above. Fabric can be sewn on the back to make the poogie sturdy. (In addition, the fabric can serve as an alternate pattern in some of the games. The poogie could have only one color , or one color with a border.


c) They can be made by sewing fabric .



d) They can be made out of card stock paper, with color applied withcrayon, magic marker or paint.The poogies can be made out of card stock paper covered with construction paper or solid color contact paper .


Paste the card stock paper on to the construction paper
or solid color contact. In the picture above, Darice Acid Free self-stick velvet paper is used, but this type of paper is difficult to find.

On the white side of the paper, draw circles two inches in diameter, and cut.


Poogies boards:

1. Prepare a board, either a flat surface or with edges. For the first Poogies game, the board should have 9 squares each a different color ( red, yellow, blue, brown,gray, pink, orange, green and purple.

This board can be made out of cardboard covered by fabric; cardboard painted or colored using crayons or markers.

2. A poogie board with from 16 to 36 squares. It can either have a neutral color background, or individual colors as above.

It can be a flat surface or a mat with edges.

This is a mat with some outside edges sewn on. The boxes are bordered by thick ribbon-cords sewn down. The ribbons-cords can be glued down as well.When making this mat, be sure that each box is big enough for a poogie to fit.


Some of the Poogies games requires that the player "pick" one poogie out of a pile/group of many. Children love
picking, as they love choosing.(Don't
be surprised if a child takes a bit of time making a decision!)

You can put the poogies in a bag and have the player select out of the bag; or you can make a box.

The cover of the box has "trap door openings." The player can choose which opening to use. In this case, the "trap door openings" are in the shapes of circle, square,and triangle. (As the child plays the game he/she can also practice with shapes and colors. In the case of the triangle above the player should observe which is the triangle and which is the piece that attaches it to the box.

NOTE: A plain bag can be used for picking the poogies.
It can be a fabric shopping bag or a simple plastic shopping bag
that you can get at the super market.




The Containers/ Cannisters

I used the soup containers from the Chinese Restaurants. Any plastic container would work well. These containers are used in many of the games.

The containers can be decorated. As you can see, my ability with my hands is not the greatest! However, these cannisters illustrate materials that can be used to make designs. These cannisters are covered with cloth, glued on. Cloth can also be sewn on.

If wished, the cannisters can be given names. Silly names are appealing to children...such as Beezlebump, Tickletack etc. Children could make up names but they should decide together, so that they do not feel too much identity with any of
the cannisters.

Two of these containers are covered with stickers.

A slit is cut in the top of the container. This can be done easily with a sharp cutting device (such as a knife that cuts cardboard). I use felt on the lid of the container.

Some of the games require cards -

Star cards have special instructions, depending upon the game

for example:

1. Take an extra turn
2. Take one extra coin
3. Take someone else's turn
4. Take two extra coins

You can make up other special instructions.