When I was a child, my father took a board and inserted nails into it, so that only the tip of the name went into the board. He elevated one side of the board. The board had bars at each side, and slots at the end with numbers printed in them.

The idea of the game was to have a marble at the top roll down to the bottom. We wrote down the number of the slot into which the marble went.

I always remembered this game because I loved it. I called my brother last night and he remembered the game too.

I thought I would expand on this original idea, making educational games.


Instead of using a wooden board and nails, I used cardboard covered with fabric. Either method is just find. You could also get a peg board set and use that as well.

How to make the game:

Materials needed:

1) Cardboard pieces-- (I use the Science Fair cardboard, but cardboard from boxes can be used)

2) Popsickle/Craft sticks (click here to find one place to purchase)

3) Velcro (click here to find velcro tapes)

Click here to find velcro dots

4) Non-toxic glue and/or needle and strong thread

5.) Paper towel insert

6) fabric

7) marbles or small jingle bells

8) cannisters, as used in other games

9) White or colored card stock paper


1)Cut out two pieces of cardboard--size is an individual decision.

2)Cover each piece with fabric (in this game, a solid color fabric is best).

3) Cut slits in the cardboard, slightly larger than the width of the stick you are using.

4) Sew or glue the two boards together so that the slits are clearly seen on one side.

5) Paste some velcro on to each piece. I recommend that the rougher side be placed on the sticks. Then insert the sticks into the slots with glue.

6. Cut out two pieces that will form a barrier at each side of the board. (this prevents the marble from falling off the side of the board.) Glue or sew this to each side of the board.

7. Attach a bar at the back of the board in the same manner as the side barriers.
Cut out small pieces of cardboard to fit within this back row. The number of pieces is up to you, but they should be placed in the back row with enough space for a marble to fit. Paste one craft stick in each end compartment.


8) Take a paper towel insert (preferably with some paper left on it. Stuff some paper toweling into the center so that the insert will not cave in. Cover this with fabric and sew or paste beneath the top end of the board (the other side of the end row)

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