Poogies game 1

for ages 4 to adult

This game can be played on varying levels of difficulty.
The skills involved are: following directions, concentration, memory, focus


Poogie board with 9 colors:

9 poogies in the colors corresponding to the
the colors in the mat above

Cards on which instructions are given

Some cards have one instruction.
Some cards have two or more instructions.
Some cards have either a two word distraction or a sentence.

After hearing the instructions, the player must wait until he or she hears the word : GO

Then he or she must follow the instruction.

There is a competition option:

If the player follows the instruction correctly he or she gets
one point (one point for each instruction)

Level 1 is primarily for very young children. Many Children become upset in competitive games and so competition with small children is not recommended. Instead make it an exercise.



Level 1

This is the easiest level.
The cards will have only one instruction
and no distractions such as:

Put the red poogie on the purple square


The The

The player then puts the red poogie on the purple square.


Level 2

reOOne instruction and one simple distraction. e

Put the pink poogie on the red square

George Washington



The reader reads the instruction, then the distraction...the
name George Washington. The player must learn to disregard the distraction and remember the instruction which is to put the pink poogie on the red square.

Level 3

One instruction, more difficult distraction.

Put the blue poogie on the yellow square

The French Revolution took place in 1789.



Level 4

Two instructions no distraction

Put the green poogie on the yellow square

Then put the pink poogie on the pink square



eLevel 5

TwoTwo instructions one simple distraction vel

Put the brown poogie on the blue square

Then put the brown poogie on the pink square

Susan B. Anthony



Level 6

Two instructions, more difficult distraction

Put the red poogie on the pink square

Put the brown poogie on the gray square

A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder.


There can be more difficult levels with three instructions and more
than one distraction, or a longer distraction.


The cards should be created in advance. Here are some samples:



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