Competition is part of life's realities. Competition means some people win and others lose. Games usually involve competition.

Winners of a game are happy, while losers oftentimes feel disappointed, sometimes humilitated. It is important to lose with dignity, but that is not easy to do, especially for young children.

In many of the games posted here, especially the ones for children, an alternative is suggested.

Instead of the children playing for themselves against one another, they can play as a team with inanimate objects ultimately the winners or losers.

I suggest having three containers/cannisters into which the coins or other winning objects are placed. Children love to choose, and will randomly select which container/cannisters into which the winning object can be placed. The containers/cannisters can be given names. If the children decide on the names, have them decide together so that they do not identify with any of the containers/cannisters as their own. If they do, then the result will be competition between the children, which is best to avoid.


AS YOU CAN SEE, THESE CANNISTERS ARE CRUDELY DONE. They were done this way for a purpose: children might enjoy decorating the cannisters as an art exercise. They can work together
on the decorating so that one cannister is not necessarily favored over another.

The containers can be decorated. As you can see, my ability with my hands is not the greatest! However, these cannisters illustrate materials that can be used to make designs. These cannisters are covered with cloth, glued on. Cloth can also be sewn on.

Two of these cannisters are covered with stickers.





At the end of the game, the players can count which container has the most.

The players can even name the containers by choosing some of the container name cards or by picking their own names.


The children will not feel sad or humiliated, but might associate such feelings to the containers. However, the containers are decorated and have happy faces; though one container lost "this time" it is still "happy" because playing a game is fun.

Anyway, the container might win next time.




The containers can be decorated with stickers, cloth, contstruction paper, gift wrap paper, color contact paper, small children's drawings...Children would enjoy decorating
the container.

A slit is cut in the top of the container. This can be done easily
with a sharp cutting device (such as a knife that cuts cardboard)