You just wrote a geneology of  the family name Garrideb. How would you  sell it to all people in the world that bear that family name?

Write a letter   advertising your work.

Dear   Mr. Nathan Garrideb,

I have exciting news for you and fellow Garridebs . As you may already know, extensive work has been done throughout the world and beyond on a project relating to your Garrideb family name. Now our new book, THE UNIVERSAL BOOK OF THE GARRIDEBS is about to be published and it includes individual Garridebs who immigrated to the New World between the l5th and early 20th centuries.

Think of it!

Several Centuries of Garridebs --all in one comfortable book!

One of the early Garridebs we found came to New York City in l450. His name was Sherlock. Like thousands of others, he sought a better life for himself in this land of opportunity. Arriving with  nothing more than mud on his boots he proceeded to amass a fortune by converting horse manure into pottery.

This is only one example to whet your appetite.

 Like all other Garridebs  before and after, Sherlock Garrideb was a visionary. He worked from morning to morning to achieve his many lofty goals. (If you want to know what else he envisioned, BUY THE BOOK.!)

Sherlock, or any of the other Garridebs who are documented in this new book, may be the sole reason you live here today. Thank goodness for Sherlock and any of the other Garridebs .

This hard-to-find Garrideb immigration information was obtained from reference books indexing ships' passenger lists, genealogical registers and other official records. Staff at the Library of Congress and the United States National Archives graciously helped by devoting a good portion of their workdays (and in many cases, overtime) in this inspirational and exhaustive search for the Garrideb historical genealogy.

In addition to information about Sherlock and these other early Garrideb settlers, The UNIVERSAL BOOKOF THE GARRIDEBS also includes in Appendix C, an international directory of virtually every Garrideb household (with addresses) living in cities, villages, towns, hamlets, bill-a-bogs ,creeks and swamps. You, Nathan Garrideb are listed in this section of the book.

It has been our goal to locate as many Garridebs as possible. AND WE'RE NOT THROUGH YET!. We shall devote more exhaustive time to find even more Garridebs around the globe and beyond.

There are now over 65 households bearing the Garrideb name in the United States and in other places  including the  Arctic suburbs.There must be more!

 This has been an enormous project! Using a sophisticated computer network, more than 170 million records were searched worldwide to provide you with this never-before-published Garrideb International treasure.

An exclusive feature of THE UNIVERSAL BOOK OF THE GARRIDEBS is our insert picture of the Garrideb family crest. You will note the many unique symbols which are examined and described as to origin and meaning. The cupcakes, for example, mean that the Garridebs come from a long line of gourmands . The dandelions signify a family history of weed enthusiasts. Athough we are not sure of the symolism of the horses, it might relate to some sort of horse peddling or thieving industry traced back to Gregor Garrideb and his brother Yankee Doodle Garrideb who lived in some mountainous region approximately l339. This symbol might have even inspired Sherlock Garrideb in his chosen money- making craft.

This unique publication also covers information about the origin and meaning of names, genealogy and heraldry in general. Though we couldn't locate a Garrideb in King Arthur's court since we did not search that far back, we have no doubt that there were members of the Knights in shining armor who were "proud-as-you-can-be" Garridebs, defending the king and young maidenhood.

You'll even find exciting details about how you can search for your Garrideb ancestry yourself , trace your family tree, locate your family members worldwide, and learn even more about your family's origin.

To my knowledge, this remarkable collection of valuable information is available only in THE UNIVERSAL BOOK OF GARRIDEBS. Please note, however, that this First Edition might be the only printing of the Garrideb book. Of course, if the demand is heavy, and we expect it will be, there may be multiple publications. But just in case, ACT NOW.

I am writing to all the Garrideb families listed in the UNIVERSAL BOOK OF THE GARRIDEBS International Registry at this time in order to keep publication costs low and, therefore, enable every family to save money on this important book. You must order now! Even before this book is put on the table it is calling your name


YOU RISK NOTHING. Reserve your copy(sssss) and send no money now. Examine your book for l5 days. Share it with your family. There is no doubt in my mind that even if you only peruse the volume, you will be convinced that this is a must for every Garrideb household.

Order blank below.

I am ordering (Please circle) 80 70 60 other_____ copies of this momentous addition to my library. Please send by Express Mail since I cannot wait to see it.

___copies at $109 per copy ==____ copies subtotal ______
Postage and Handling $141 per copy= ______
Insurance $246 per pound = ______
Additional Insurance $123 per pound = ______
Lighting fee $4.59 = ______

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