A - was an archer , who lapped up some ale,
B- the big butcher,  chewed  cake from a pail.

C- was a captain,  with cream on his face,
D -wobbly drunkard,  drank wine by the case.

E- was an esquire, had banquets each night,
                     and gave to

F-  farmer,  some pastry to bite.

G- was a gamester, who sat near a tree,
H- a big hunter , gobblin’  donuts with glee.

I- was the innkeeper,  gave too much food,
J-  jolly joiner,  drinking beer strongly brewed.

K- was King William, who ate like a pig,
L - was his Lady, who also was big.

M- was a miser, who’d only eat sweets,
                    which he took from
N nobleman, who also loved treats.

O- oyster wench, swallowed cookies in town
P- Parson Smithy, and old Parson Brown.


Q -was the queen, who would eat like a slop.
                       didn't notice
R- robber stealing   pies from a shop.

S- was a sailor,  who, like it or not,
                 would eat with
T-  Tinker, some  tarts in a pot.


U- was a usurer, ate cream puffs galore,
V- the old vintner , bought  cakes by the score.


W watchman, was  very much able,
                     to eat
X- expensive desserts  on a table.


Y- were some youths, who had learned  at their   schools,

                         that all of  the others were

Z-   zany fools!!



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