Hickory Dickory dock,
I took out my cookng crock,
Put fatty meat in, let the cooking begin,
It started at 10 o'clock.

Hickory Dickory zill,
It simmered 6 hours until,
The meat was all cooked, how delicious it looked,
In a savory sauce made with dill.

Hickory Dickory fleet,
For dessert I had something real sweet,
It was creamy fudge cake, just the best one can bake,
How I hurridely gobbled this treat.

Hickory Dickory slope,
I know I'm a silly ol' dope.
My portions were big, how I ate like a pig,
And then later I started to mope.

Hickory Dickory dubby,
I fast was becming most chubby,
From the food that I ate, but before 'twas too late,
I so sorrowfully said to my hubby.

"Hickory Dickory range,
Food cravings I 'll certainly change.
I'll cut out the fat, and what's more beyond that,
My whole diet I must rearrange."

Hictory Dickory flop,
My bad eating I'll force to a stop.
Consuming enough, of the healthiest stuff,
These good habits are best to adopt.


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