Hickety   Pickety-- great big hen,
Produces eggs for gentlemen,
And also ladies, yes because,
Those folks will eat without  a pause.

Not only eggs, I do regret,
The eating table’s always  set,
With many dishes , my oh my,
And on 'them'  cookies stacked up high.

The ladies and the gentlemen,
Eat  all the eggs they took from hen,
And every cookie, one by one,
While thinking this is lots of fun.

They’re wrong, I’ll tell you, let us start,
A pile of eggs can hurt the heart.
And cookies have no worth at all,
You’ll end up wider than you’re tall.

So here’s advice about your food,
To keep your health and better mood.
Put healthful  stuff upon your plate,
 Small portions will  CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT.


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