Mary, Mary Ms. Contrary,
What did you eat today?
"Some Jelly donuts," Mary said,
And ice cream on a tray.

And yesterday, sweet Mary dear,
I'd like to know as well.
"I had some cookies and some cake,
And chocolate creamy gel."

But Mary dear last week you said,
You want to lose some weight.
You said you'd put some healthful foods
Upon your dinner plate.

"That's right," said Ms Contrary,
"That's exactly what I said.
But now I changed my mind you see.
There're new thoughts in my head."

"The sweets are so delicious,
Wait.....again on second thought.
I'll throw away the fatty things,
Those pastries that I bought."

"I want to try again, I think,
I want to lose some weight.
I'll go into my garden-- pick,
Some veggies for my plate.

"But then again, I do so love,
The yummy fatty sweets.
I wonder whether there's a way,
Lose weight and have these treats?!

Well Mary, Mary Ms Contrary,
This could never work.
Whoever tends to think this way
Is really quite a jerk!



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