Old King Cole Wisens Up

Old King Cole was a merry old soul
And a merry old soul was he.
For breakfast he would eat 10 cupcakes
With his morning tea.

Along with roles and several biscuits,
piled with jelly spread.
And also creamy custard buns,
With pumpernickel bread.

For midday snack our Old King Cole,
Would eat potato chips,
And pretzels, crackers, dipsy crisps,
With many fattening dips.

And then, of course, he'd want some more,
So lunch was much the same.
He wanted LOTS OF FOOD, again,
When coffee breaktime came.

By suppertime, our Old King Cole,
Was ravenous, and so.
He ordered quite a banquet,

That Old King Cole, our Merry soul,
Was getting big and bigg-a.
Real soon he couldn't fit his clothes,
He had a larger 'figg-a.'

Well then one day, our merry king
Decided that was that.
He thought he'd change his diet, cause,
He hated being fat.

So now he'll eat nutritious food,
Our King is very wise.
His portions are all measured--he's,
Become a smaller size.

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