Old Mother Hubbard ,went to the cupboard
To get her poor dog a bone.
When she got there ,she felt such despair,
There was only one pear all alone.

But under the cupboard, this old Mother Hubbard,
Found  the smallest of tins,  full of  grits.
Cheer up, Mother Hubbard ,the pear in your cupboard.........
When cut up in several
  small bits......

Can mix with the grits , which certainly fits,
The  appetite of your poor hound.
It’s a hearty hot meal, with nutritious  appeal.
Will keep doggie from getting   too  round.


So here is  a clue,  a tip for you too,
When fixing your own daily meals
Nutrition  sure  counts ,as are portion  amounts,
You will  see  how terrific  it feels..


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