"No More Tarts"


The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts
....All on a Summer's day.

The Queen of Hearts consumed those tarts
Now guess what she must weigh?

Oh how, she'd eat, each day repeat,
To Queen of Heart's dismay,
She grew so wide,
She screamed and cried,
To send them pounds away.
The King of Hearts, has lots of smarts,
He looked at her to say..."To lose a pound,
Advice REAL SOUND,Ya' mustn't eat this way."

The Queen of Hearts still makes the tarts,
And leaves them on a tray.
The knave of hearts,He steals the tarts,
And takes them far away.

The Queen now eats,some healthy treats,
To fattening stuff shouts "NAY!"
The queen is tall , her waistline's small,
The pounds are off each day.

The Knave is sad, he's feeling bad,
And not at all Okay.
For he is now, the hefty cow,

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