(In this rhyme, crooked does not mean dishonest. Rather it is a physical shape, which was not his problem)

There was a crooked  man   I’m told,
Who  owned a crooked poodle.

Each day this crooked man  would love
To stuff himself with  strudel.

He ate so much, he laid himself
  Upon his crooked bed.

His crooked poodle gave a bark
And licked him on the head.

There was a crooked man, I’m told, 
 Walked by a crooked lake.

He found a crooked sixpence,and
He  bought a crooked cake.

He ate the cake quite fast, I’m told,
In just one gulpy bite.

He then bought crooked cookies which
He gobbled through the night.

There was a crooked man, but he’s
Not crooked anymore.

He ate so much,  he’s rounder than
He ever was before.

The rounder man feels sad because
He's not so healthy now.

The way he eats, has bad effects,
Consuming like a cow.

But he's become much wiser, with
His snacks and all his meals.

He's now the crooked man again,
And likes the way he feels.


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