This is the way many  ladies will eat,
With a food plate piled to their chin.
There are cookies galore,
Other treats they adore,
There are sugary fats going in.

This is the way  many gentlemen eat,
They swallow their foods... non-stop.
They’ll pick out a cake,
Get a big belly ache,
When their plates are cleaned lippity-lop


That’s certainly not an ideal way to eat,
Those food habits really must go.
What the ladies should do, 
And the  gentlemen too,
Look down at these foods and say “NO.”

Decide to be healthful, choose good foods to eat
Only  vegetables heaped up so high.
Eat fruit for a snack,
Your health will come back,
To flab you'll say “Tootle, GoodBye.”


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