Hens, Chicks and Roosters






Out in the Hen House, the hens are laying lots of eggs.
Some are for hatching and some to eat.
The hens on the farm are really helpful animals.
They do what they do, and the next day repeat.

Hens laying eggs, oh, Hens laying eggs, oh
What a useful job those farm hens do.
When I visit the farm, I'll watch the hens...
And if you're at a farm, you'll want to see them too.


And out in the chicken coop are squawking tiny yellow chicks.
Oh my gosh how cute these little chicks can be.
They will grow up fast and they won't be little anymore.
I love to watch them, they're fun to see.

Cackle, cackle, peep peep,very noisy critters,
Doing what they do, what they always have done.
On a farm there are little chicks, always running all around
Watching the little chicks is loads of fun.


And , out on the farm fence a rooster in the early morn is
Crowing his morning call as loud as could be.
He wakes up the farmer and all the farmer's family,
A great alarm clock, I think you'd agree.

Roosters, hens and little chicks, living in the barnyard.
They play their role, they have their work to do.
I look forward to seeing them, on a visit to the farm.
If you're at the farm, then you'll see them too.


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