music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

NOTE: The historical facts regarding the American colonies declaration of independence from Great Britain are complex; the decision was not as unanimous as we would like to think.

The Declaration of Independence is dated July 4. However, independence from Great Britain was declared on July 2. John Adams, later our second president, had written to his wife, that July 2 would be a most memorable day in America, thus implying that it would be celebrated as Independence Day.

Not every delegate to the Continental Congress favored declaring independence. However, each colony had one vote and the decision was cast according to the majority within each colony.

It was the wording / text of the Declaration of Independence document draft that was agreed upon by most on July 4. There were many versions of the document printed. The written document hanging in the National Archives is a later printed version.

Two delegates to the Continental Congress, John Hancock, and Charles Thomason were the only original signers. More signatures were collected later, probably on August 2. One delegate is thought to have waited to sign even later than that. Four delegates never signed at all.

The information for the song was collected from several sources.


The Song


The Music



The fourth of July in the U.S.A.
Is known as Independence Day.
It's kind-a weird and here is why...
Freedom was declared,
On the Second of July.

So what really happened
July , day four?
Making it special forever more.
The document text was approved that day.
And signed, but not by all,
As we always want to say.

The final signing was August two,
By the Founding fathers,
Yet there were a few..
Who signed on later
But they still needed more...
In the end, it remained unsigned by four.

John Adams wrote to Abby his wife
About a great day in American life.
"The country's birth, the date July 2...
Each year commemorate
That's what we'll do.....

But its the Fourth of July
We all stand strong.
Celebrating....... on the
Date we got wrong.