When Animal Sounds Float Into My Ears

The Song



The Music


A cow always makes a mooing sound,
That's all that she says, moo, moo, moo.
She makes this moo, its her way to talk.
Let's all make the mooing sound too.

A horse , ofcourse, makes a neighing sound,
That's what he says, neigh , neigh, neigh,
The horse makes a neigh, he talks this way.
Is that a sound you can say?

Each animal has a different sound.
To let you know that its around
It's great listen and say those sounds too.
It's what children like to do.

A duck says quack, a turkey says gobble.
A goose honks as she walks with a wobble.
Sheep say baaa, that's what I'll hear.
When the sounds of the sheep float into my ear.

That's what I hear, yes that's what I hear,
When animal sounds float into my ear.

Click for an Improvisation
by Bernie Katzman