The Song


The Music




If you're bored...in
Search of something new,
I'll suggest what you can do.
It's a marvelous way to spend your days.
Speaking in praise of Rutherford Hayes..

Need reminding of, who this man might be,
I will tell you immediately.
A man of ambition, this Ohio gent who
Managed to become, the president.

Hayes was determined he
wouldn't be undone.
He came into office though
Tilden had won.
What an amazing, interesting day.
The election was thrown, Rutherford's way.

A reformer, he desired to be,
Mr. Hayes in the presidency.
So many things that he wanted to do.
Had trouble getting his proposals through.

A whole lot of Democrats wanted to fight.
They thought the election just wasn't right.
The popular vote, it was ignored,
And that's why they called him RUTHERFRAUD!

He made the White House, liquor free.
His First Lady pushed it vigorously.
She was Lemonade Lucy, her influence strong.
In this Temperance thinking, hubby went along.

So some might think that,
This might be,
Sober wisdom, it's his legacy.
You folks who agree can spend your days...
Speaking in praise of Rutherford Hayes.


click for an improvisation by Bernie Katzman