a square dance


Music coming soon...



Music introduction

Bow to your supporters....
Growl at your opponents


Oh, all join hands and circle around
But don't let your feet fly off the ground.
You're goin' for a carcass so be sure to break a leg,
The last one to get it is a rotten egg.


Allemande left and doe see doe,
Grand right and left 'til you stub your toe.
(Ms. Clinton 's fast in a swampy race,
She skips to Obama and slaps his face.)

Now grab your partner and circle to the right,
You can fling Mr. Edwards clear out of sight,
You can also start a ruckus and decide to be a schmo
If you want a carcass it's the way to go.


(Tell ya the truth, between you and me,
It's really the same for the G O P
There's Huck, McCain and Romney too,
They're political clones in a scramblin' stew.)

(As you go back to the beginning of the music, take time to breathe!)

Oh, skip to the middle and take a big bow,
And kick Giuliani in a screaming row ( pron. as in cow)
Then circle to the left and circle to the right,
It's a race for the carcass keep it up all night.


Skip back home, keep doin' your best,
Keep up with the pace and never rest,
Since you're the folks who want first prize,
What you're doin' and sayin' ain't no surpise.

So circle to the left and circle to the right,
And promenade both ways, using all your might.
It is not about the issues, it's a money show
So rev up your engines, spend a lot more dough.


Y' all circle left in this campaign stife,
Continue circlin' , holdin' on for dear life.
Oh circle in circles, don’t let time lapse,
Just keep on circlin’ ‘till we all collapse.