Income Tax Hoedown

( music: Turkey in the Straw, an American song in the public domain; lyrics by Susan Maskin)




Bow to your partner....bow to your neighbor...

Swing your partner to the left, don't dare to relax
It's the time of the year we do our income tax.
Swing your partner to the right, with receipts heaped in stacks,
Go do se do , and don't ya be lax.


It's a deadly process, getting tougher each year,
With more complex rules that are hard to bear.
So circle to the right, and circle to the left,
'Cause April 15 will leave you kinda bereft.

Now allemande right, it's a job we despise,
Especially for all the folks who itemize.
And allemmande left, it ain't no surpirse,
When you promanade left, you'll be wipen your eyes.

Grand right and left with your W-2s,
And OY those schedules they'll be given ya' the blues.
You'll be circlin' through the alphabet, but wait you'll see,
There's nothin' much doin' with Schedule B.

Do se do, you're not feelin' so fine,
With your check to the treasury ready to sign.
Swing your partner with a voucher, and you'll surely start to whine
'Cause the I.R. S. demands you file on line.

Circle to the left, this hoedown's almost through,
As you're breathin' real hard and your face is turnin' blue,
We can kick up a ruckus, yep, it's what we'll do,
And start up screamin' when I give you the cue..............................