IN WINTER (long version)

Music and lyrics by Suzie-Jean
Arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman

The song


The music


It's freezing when I go outside,
In winter, in winter.
Sometimes its icy
I slip and slide,
In winter, in winter.

Dress up warmly, that's what I'm told,
I wear a coat to keep out the cold.
Scarves and gloves, a very warm hat.
It's winter I must dress like that.

Oh when it snows, it looks really nice,
In winter, in winter.
I'll build a big snowman, skate on the ice.
In winter, in winter.

In this season, every day,
Even though its cold I love to play.
I love winter, there's much to do,
I bet you love the winter too.



Improvisations by Bernie Katzman

Improvisations by Bernie Katzman

1. Influenced by Bach
2. Influenced by Mozart
3. Influenced by Beethoven
4. Influenced by mixed styles
5. Influenced by Chopin
6. Modern Style


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