Discussions with the children on topics such as the following concepts:


1. Caring about a pet

In the story ,the child and pet cat enjoy playing together. The idea that there is responsibility that accompanies the fun can be an extended discussion .

2. Separation does not necessarily mean "forever."

Children learning to read this story have probably encountered separation from loved ones as they would have had this experience in pre-school. The story can be a springboard for a discussion about separation, based upon their experiences.

3. Coping with feelings of disappointment and lonliness

Children come to understand that sad feelings are part of life,but that happy feelings are as well. Discussions can help children learn the ways they can cope with sad feelings such as lonliness.



1.In the phrase "just said meow." Pretend that the cat can talk. What would the cat say? Write sentences with the children. Have the children make illustrations.

2. The class pet-- Pretend that the class will adopt some pets. Divide the
class into groups. The children, as a group, would:

a) Decide on the type of pet to adopt. (the type of pet will be written on a paper)

b) Give the pet a name (name of the pet will be written on a paper)

c) Decide on responsibilities in caring for the pet. (children will illustrate the various jobs)

d) Children can make puppets of the pet and themselves. (figures drawn on large paper, cut out, and pasted on long sticks). They can improvise a play about caring for the pet.

e) Children can decide what kinds of play activities they can have with their pet.


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