The Dzitzel Stories


I've always loved Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the sequel, Through the Looking Glass. I think Lewis Carroll might have been one of the greatest imaginative genius of all times.

Many years ago, I decided to make a miniature scene of Alice in the garden of talking flowers. I thought that I would put some other characters in the scene--some who appeared in one of the two Alice stories, and some I made up on my own. The garden led me to create Humpty Dumpty on his wall.

From there I had the idea of writing stories about personality types in exaggeration, some based on the characters in the Alice stories. Each story is preceded by an introduction, describing what I think that personality type is. The stories have short rhymes at the beginning and end, and are gross exaggerations of that particular personality as I see it. There is a section, "Pick a Personality" which is linked to individual personality types.