CHAPTER I: Wherever Are We Going?

David and Carrie Foster are going on a summer vacation with their parents . The children invite two of their friends.
David and Carrie are trying to figure out their destination but their father keeps this information a secret.
Their mother gives them some clues.

CHAPTER 2: 'The Treasured Inn'

The family and two guests arrive at "The Treasured Inn" at night when it is too dark to see much. Carrie assumes that this will be a boring week.
Her mother suggests that the children use their imaginations to create their own excitement.

CHAPTER 3: Captain Patch

The children meet the owners of the Inn, Mr. and Mrs. Lomber. Mr. Lomber tells the children about
a local legend about a pirate who supposedly had buried a treasure about 200 years before. No one has
ever found the treasure The legend could be a hoax.

CHAPTER 4: The Rhyming Riddle

According to the legend, the treasure was buried not far from where 'The Treasured Inn' is located.
Mr. Lomber shows the children a book which discusses the history of the area.
There is a drawing of Captain Patch in this volume as well as a poem thought to have been written by
the pirate. The poem is an enigma; most people think that it has something to do with finding the treasure.
The poem mentions Mother Goose Rhymes.

CHAPTER 5: One Thing At A Time

The children try to interpret the first four lines of the poem. They believe that the tree
mentioned in these lines might be the starting point of a treasure hunt. The location of
that tree has something to do with the August setting sun, also mentioned in the poem.

CHAPTER 6: Which Tree?

The poem contains the word FIGURING written in captial letters. The children
wonder whether Captain Patch was referring to a fig tree. They find out that there is
a fig tree grove on the west side of the house. The children have to see which tree stands
before the August setting sun.

CHAPTER 7: The First Edition

The children believe that the clues to finding the treasure are in Mother Goose Rhymes, as mentioned
in the pirate's poem . They go with their mother and Mrs. Lomber to the village book store where
The Complete Mother Goose is purchased. They have an interesting conversation with the owner of the

CHAPTER 8: The Fig Tree at Sunset

The children go to the Fig Grove and locate the tree which "stands before the August setting
sun." The poem says "solutions hide not far away, 100 paces on, they say." The poem has a
reference to Mistress Mary.

CHAPTER 9: Mistress Mary's Message

The children look through the Mother Goose Rhyme book. They find the rhyme
"Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" Just how this applies to the
treasure hunt is not clear. It is night time. The children decide to wait until morning to continue
their quest.

CHAPTER 10: 100 Paces

The next morning the children go back to the fig tree. They know they have to walk 100 paces
in some direction. Since Mistress Mary had a garden, perhaps they should try walking in the
direction of a nearby garden. . They reach the garden gate in 75 paces. The next 25 paces would
be in the garden. But in which direction?

CHAPTER 11: Silver Bells, Cockle Shells, Little Maids

Perhaps the reference in the Mistress Mary poem to silverbells, cockle shells and Little Maids might
be significant in their search. Mr. Lormer's book describes a fruit and vegetable garden as it was about
200 years ago. The children look for Mother Goose rhymes which refer to fruits and vegetables.



The children read two Mother Goose Rhymes which help them pinpoint a particular section of
the garden. That is where they decide to dig for the treasure.


The children, Mr. and Mrs. Foster , and Mr. and Mrs. Lomber (who are now actively involved in the search)
dig in several places and finally find a small metal box containing a treasure map.

CHAPTER 14:The Cave at Rocky Point

The map leads them to a cave not far from 'The Treasured Inn.' Another rhyme on the map provides
additional clues.

CHAPTER 15: The Woman Knew Not

The group finds the rhyme, "There Was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe" which
is the final clue .

CHAPTER 16: Success at Last

One of the children sees a faded picture of a boot carved on the cave wall. They dig in near that
spot. At first, no luck, But they keep digging and finally unearth a huge metal chest.

CHAPTER 17: A Good Deed

The chest is opened. An immense fortune of gold coins and jewels are discovered.
It is decided that the treasure should be used to build and run a home for seniors.
As a reward for locating the treasure, each of the children received five gold coins.