David and Carrie Foster are going on a vacation with their parents . Their destination was to be a surprise. When they arrive at THE TREASURED INN, off the coast of North Carolina,the children are convinced that they would be bored. However, they did have their two friends with them, so perhaps they would be able to make their own fun.

The owner of the Inn, Mr. Lomber, tells the children about a local legend. It seems that about 200 years before there was a fierce pirate named Captain Patch who sailed his ship in the ocean near the village where the Inn is located. According to the legend , the pirate buried a treasure, though this treasure has never been found. The initial clues to finding the treasure are in a poem which was supposed to have been written by Captain Patch. The poem refers to Mother Goose Rhymes which have more clues leading to the treasure. The poem reads:

         The tree is planted, now it’s smaller,
          Some day it will grow much taller
          You’ll FIGURE out the very one,
          Before the August setting sun.
          Solutions  hide not far away,
          100 paces on,  they say.
          You’ll dig and pry the secrets loose.
          The answers lie in Mother Goose.
          And if you aren’t too contrary,
          You may start with Mistress Mary.

The children follow the clues which eventually lead them
to the pirate's treasure.

There are actually three mysteries in the story. The first begins in chapter 1 where the children are trying to guess their vacation destination.

The second mystery is in locating a treasure map.

The third mystery is the discovery of the treasure chest itself.

The children use logic in understanding the complex clues left by the pirate in the poem, and in Mother Goose rhymes.

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